188 Files where XML is not well-formed


Count of files where the XML that is not well-formed, over time. Note: this is different from validation against the schema.

2 Files with non-standard roots


Count of files with non-standard root, over time. Note: Files with non-standard roots are those where the root XML element is not iati-activities or iati-organisation as we would expect.


Files where XML is not well-formed

Publisher Dataset
afd afd-per
aflatoun aflatoun-apr2015
be-dgd be-dgd-20171018_5_2014
be-dgd be-dgd-20171018_5_2015
ccdnigeria ccdnigeria-1
cif cif-998
crehpa crehpa-1844
france france-centrale2
hewlett-foundation hewlett-foundation-activity
ifcwbg ifcwbg-org
slovakaid slovakaid-69_1_ac
who who-afg
who who-ago
who who-alb
who who-are
who who-arg
who who-arm
who who-asm
who who-atg
who who-aze
who who-bdi
who who-ben
who who-bfa
who who-bgd
who who-bgr
who who-bhr
who who-bhs
who who-bih
who who-blr
who who-blz
who who-bol
who who-bra
who who-brb
who who-brn
who who-btn
who who-bwa
who who-caf
who who-can
who who-chl
who who-chn
who who-civ
who who-cmr
who who-cod
who who-cog
who who-cok
who who-col
who who-com
who who-cpv
who who-cri
who who-cub
who who-cze
who who-dji
who who-dma
who who-dom
who who-dza
who who-ecu
who who-egy
who who-eri
who who-est
who who-eth
who who-fji
who who-fsm
who who-gab
who who-geo
who who-gha
who who-gin
who who-gmb
who who-gnb
who who-gnq
who who-grc
who who-grd
who who-gtm
who who-gum
who who-guy
who who-hnd
who who-hrv
who who-hti
who who-hun
who who-idn
who who-ind
who who-irn
who who-irq
who who-jam
who who-jor
who who-jpn
who who-kaz
who who-ken
who who-kgz
who who-khm
who who-kir
who who-kna
who who-kwt
who who-lao
who who-lbn
who who-lbr
who who-lby
who who-lca
who who-lka
who who-lso
who who-ltu
who who-lva
who who-mar
who who-mda
who who-mdg
who who-mdv
who who-mex
who who-mhl
who who-mkd
who who-mli
who who-mlt
who who-mmr
who who-mne
who who-mng
who who-mnp
who who-moz
who who-mrt
who who-mus
who who-mwi
who who-mys
who who-nam
who who-ner
who who-nga
who who-nic
who who-niu
who who-npl
who who-nru
who who-omn
who who-pak
who who-pan
who who-per
who who-phl
who who-plw
who who-png
who who-pol
who who-prk
who who-prt
who who-pry
who who-pse
who who-pyf
who who-qat
who who-rou
who who-rus
who who-rwa
who who-sau
who who-sdn
who who-sen
who who-sgp
who who-shn
who who-slb
who who-sle
who who-slv
who who-som
who who-srb
who who-ssd
who who-stp
who who-sur
who who-svk
who who-svn
who who-swz
who who-syc
who who-syr
who who-tcd
who who-tgo
who who-tha
who who-tjk
who who-tkl
who who-tkm
who who-tls
who who-ton
who who-tto
who who-tun
who who-tur
who who-tuv
who who-tza
who who-uga
who who-ukr
who who-ury
who who-usa
who who-uzb
who who-vct
who who-ven
who who-vnm
who who-vut
who who-wsm
who who-yem
who who-zaf
who who-zmb
who who-zwe

Files with non-standard roots

Publisher Dataset
atnf atnf-2017
france france-centrale