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210 Files where XML is not well-formed


Count of files where the XML that is not well-formed, over time. Note: this is different from validation against the schema.

1 Files with non-standard roots


Count of files with non-standard root, over time. Note: Files with non-standard roots are those where the root XML element is not iati-activities or iati-organisation as we would expect.


Files where XML is not well-formed

Publisher Dataset
aflatoun aflatoun-apr2015
agroicone agroicone-br
agroicone agroicone-org
apn apn-orgtz
ccdnigeria ccdnigeria-1
cif cif-389
cif cif-889
cif cif-998
cif cif-cd
cif cif-ye
crehpa crehpa-1844
dkt dkt-001
fao fao-activity
fao fao-org
france france-centrale2
france france-cicid
france france-lopdsi2014
france france-rapportbisannuelparlement
gb-chc-220949-org gb-chc-220949-org-file
gecfundmanagerpwc gecfundmanagerpwc-spheir
gl gl-ar2017
gl gl-ar2018
ground-truth-solutions-h2hcov ground-truth-solutions-h2hcov-2020
idrccrdi-org idrccrdi-org-2016
ifcwbg ifcwbg-10
ifcwbg ifcwbg-128
ifcwbg ifcwbg-189
ifcwbg ifcwbg-21
ifcwbg ifcwbg-245
ifcwbg ifcwbg-246
ifcwbg ifcwbg-249
ifcwbg ifcwbg-251
ifcwbg ifcwbg-274
ifcwbg ifcwbg-51
ifcwbg ifcwbg-55
ifcwbg ifcwbg-57
ifcwbg ifcwbg-67
ifcwbg ifcwbg-7
ifcwbg ifcwbg-79
ifcwbg ifcwbg-80
ifcwbg ifcwbg-82
ifcwbg ifcwbg-84
ifcwbg ifcwbg-9
ifcwbg ifcwbg-90
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ae
ifcwbg ifcwbg-af
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ag
ifcwbg ifcwbg-al
ifcwbg ifcwbg-am
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ao
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ar
ifcwbg ifcwbg-az
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ba
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bb
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bd
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bf
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bg
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bh
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bi
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bj
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bo
ifcwbg ifcwbg-br
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bt
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bw
ifcwbg ifcwbg-by
ifcwbg ifcwbg-bz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cd
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cf
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cg
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ci
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cl
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cm
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cn
ifcwbg ifcwbg-co
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cr
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cv
ifcwbg ifcwbg-cz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-do
ifcwbg ifcwbg-dz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ec
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ee
ifcwbg ifcwbg-eg
ifcwbg ifcwbg-er
ifcwbg ifcwbg-et
ifcwbg ifcwbg-fj
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ga
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gd
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ge
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gh
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gm
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gn
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gr
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gt
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gw
ifcwbg ifcwbg-gy
ifcwbg ifcwbg-hk
ifcwbg ifcwbg-hn
ifcwbg ifcwbg-hr
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ht
ifcwbg ifcwbg-hu
ifcwbg ifcwbg-id
ifcwbg ifcwbg-il
ifcwbg ifcwbg-in
ifcwbg ifcwbg-iq
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ir
ifcwbg ifcwbg-jo
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ke
ifcwbg ifcwbg-kh
ifcwbg ifcwbg-kr
ifcwbg ifcwbg-kw
ifcwbg ifcwbg-kz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-la
ifcwbg ifcwbg-lb
ifcwbg ifcwbg-lc
ifcwbg ifcwbg-lk
ifcwbg ifcwbg-lr
ifcwbg ifcwbg-lt
ifcwbg ifcwbg-lv
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ma
ifcwbg ifcwbg-md
ifcwbg ifcwbg-me
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mg
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mh
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mk
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ml
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mm
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mn
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mr
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mu
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mv
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mw
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mx
ifcwbg ifcwbg-mz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-na
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ng
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ni
ifcwbg ifcwbg-nl
ifcwbg ifcwbg-np
ifcwbg ifcwbg-om
ifcwbg ifcwbg-org
ifcwbg ifcwbg-pa
ifcwbg ifcwbg-pe
ifcwbg ifcwbg-pg
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ph
ifcwbg ifcwbg-pk
ifcwbg ifcwbg-pl
ifcwbg ifcwbg-py
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ro
ifcwbg ifcwbg-rs
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ru
ifcwbg ifcwbg-rw
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sa
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sb
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sc
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sd
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sg
ifcwbg ifcwbg-si
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sl
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sn
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ss
ifcwbg ifcwbg-st
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sv
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sy
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-tg
ifcwbg ifcwbg-th
ifcwbg ifcwbg-tj
ifcwbg ifcwbg-tl
ifcwbg ifcwbg-tn
ifcwbg ifcwbg-tr
ifcwbg ifcwbg-tt
ifcwbg ifcwbg-tz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ua
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ug
ifcwbg ifcwbg-uy
ifcwbg ifcwbg-uz
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ve
ifcwbg ifcwbg-vn
ifcwbg ifcwbg-vu
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ws
ifcwbg ifcwbg-xk
ifcwbg ifcwbg-ye
ifcwbg ifcwbg-za
ifcwbg ifcwbg-zm
ifcwbg ifcwbg-zw
itc itc-2018
iza iza-org
ktn ktn-org
lpi lpi-org
odakorea odakorea-act30
odakorea odakorea-act38
odakorea odakorea-act45
odakorea odakorea-act47
odakorea odakorea-act49
opml opml-2015dec
pact pact-activity0518
pcf pcf-org2021
prospero prospero-260
prospero prospero-261
prospero prospero-262
prospero prospero-263
prospero prospero-264
prospero prospero-org
sosdk-org sosdk-org-sxkeetesaf
unicef unicef-drc
unicef unicef-zambia
unicef unicef-zimbabwe
wbtf wbtf-tf071579
wbtf wbtf-tf071866
wbtf wbtf-tf072663

Files with non-standard roots

Publisher Dataset
france france-centrale