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Inconsistent Reporting Org references

List of Publishers where the reporting-org element does not match the reporting-org field in the IATI Registry.

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Publisher Reporting Org on Registry Reporting Orgs in Data (count) Reporting Orgs in Data
Access to Seeds Foundation NL-KVK-70292361 2 NL-KVK-53744993 NL-KVK-70292361
Acid Survivors Foundation PK-VSWA-511-2007 2 PK-VSWA-511-2007 XI-IATI-VSWA-511-2007
Across KE-NGC-9381 2 KE-NCB-9381 KE-NGC-9381
ACT Alliance CH-FDJP-66006990023 2 NL-KVK-813612809 XI-IATI-CH-FDJP-66006990023
ACTED FR-SIRET-4028868160030 2 FR-RCS-402886816 FR-SIRET-4028868160030
Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights CA-CRA_ACR-107848319 1 CA-CRA_ACR-10784-8319-RR0001
Adaptation Fund XM-DAC-47111 1 47111
Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Nepal NP-IRD-302113730 1 XI-IATI-NP-IRD-302113730
AECOM GB-COH-01846493 2 GB-COH-01846493 GB-COH-GB-COH-01846493
African Academy of Sciences KE-NCB-218-051-9341-334 1 KE-NCB-OP-218-051-9341-334
African Development Bank 46002 1 XM-DAC-46002
African Initiatives GB-CHC-1064413 2 GB-CHC-1064413 null
African Tax Administration Forum XI-BRIDGE-3665722432 1 ZA-PBO-7270782362
Agence Nationale d'Approvisionnement en Eau Potable en Milieu Rural du Benin BJ-IFU-4201710182326 1 bj-IFU-4201710182326
Akvo Foundation NL-KVK-27327087 2 NL-KVK-27327087 NL-KVK-41150939
American Friends Service Committee US-EIN-23-1352010 0
Ashoka East Africa KE-NCB-21805120080955572 1 KE-NCB-OP.218/051/2008/095/5572
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights TH-TIN-0993000190092 1 TH-TIN-TH-TIN-0993000190092
Association de solidarité internationale, Agriculteurs français et développement international (Afdi) France FR-INSEE-31827645800037 1 FR-SIRET-31827645800037
Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities UG-NGO-3329 1 UG-NGB-3329
Bangladesh Business and Disability Network XI-IATI-BBDN 1 XI-IATI-IATI-BBDN
Berytech Foundation LB-MOI-26_AD 2 LB-MOI-26_AD XI-PB-26_AD
Bibliothèques Sans Frontières FR-RCS-49962201700014 1 FR-INSEE-S499622017
BRAC International NL-CCI-20081098 3 GB-CHC-1115482 GB-COH-1115482 NL-CCI-20081098
BRAC UK GB-CHC-1115482 3 GB-CHC-1115482 GB-COH-1115482 NL-CCI-20081098
BRAC University XI-GRID-grid.52681.38 3 BD-MEGPRB-SHIM-SHA-14-13-BE-BI-5-97-142 XI-GRID-XI-GRID-grid.52681.38 XI-GRID-grid.52681.38
Build Africa GB-CHC-298316 2 GB-CHC-298316 null
CARE International UK GB-CHC-292506 2 GB-CHC-202615 GB-CHC-292506
Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) XM-DAC-46009 2 XI-IATI-46009 XM-DAC-46009
Caritas Serbia RS-APR-17062603 0
CARPO - Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient DE-CR-RA000220-VR9971 1 DE-CR-VR9971
Centre For Citizens With Disabilities NG-CAC-IT-23286 0
Centre for Economic Strategy Ukraine UA-EDR-9795443 1 UA-EDR-39795443
Centre for Legal Research and Development NG-CAC-54522 2 NG-CAC-54522 NG-CAC-CAC-IT-NO.54522
Charity Projects Ltd (Comic Relief) GB-CHC-326568 3 GB-CHC-326568 GB-CHC-326569 GB-CHC-326570
CHEKA SANA TANZANIA TZ-TRA-121406209 1 TZ-TRA-121-406-209
Christian Aid Ireland IE-CHY-6998 0
Climate Investment Funds 47135 2 47134 47135
CNV Internationaal NL-KVK-54436222 3 NL-KVK-51018586 NL-KVK-54436222 NL-KvK-54436222-27541
Commune de Adjarra - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201810251129 1 null
Commune de Allada - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201501755307 2 BJ-IFU-5200801335602 BJ-IFU-6201501755307
Commune de Aplahoué - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201001076902 2 BJ-IFU-6201001076902 BJ-IFU-6201001843703
Commune de Bopa - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901944209 3 BJ-IFU-6200901944209 BJ-IFU-6201001076902 BJ-IFU-6201001843703
Commune de Comè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201000370801 2 BJ-IFU-6201000370801 BJ-IFU-6201300688700
Commune de Dangbo - Benin BJ-IFU-4201710012551 3 BJ-IFU-4201710012551 BJ-IFU-5200801335602 BJ-IFU-6201501755307
Commune de Klouékanmè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201100034408 3 BJ-IFU-6201000370801 BJ-IFU-6201100034408 BJ-IFU-6201300688700
Commune de Kpomassè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201101182902 4 BJ-IFU-6201000370801 BJ-IFU-6201100034408 BJ-IFU-6201101182902 BJ-IFU-6201300688700
Commune de Kétou - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901851300 4 BJ-IFU-4201710012551 BJ-IFU-5200801335602 BJ-IFU-6200901851300 BJ-IFU-6201501755307
Commune de Lalo - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901944805 4 BJ-IFU-6200901944209 BJ-IFU-6200901944805 BJ-IFU-6201001076902 BJ-IFU-6201001843703
Commune de Parakou - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201000068802 5 BJ-IFU-6201000068802 BJ-IFU-6201000370801 BJ-IFU-6201100034408 BJ-IFU-6201101182902 BJ-IFU-6201300688700
Commune de Pobè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201200579608 5 BJ-IFU-6200901944209 BJ-IFU-6200901944805 BJ-IFU-6201001076902 BJ-IFU-6201001843703 BJ-IFU-6201200579608
Commune de Toffo - Bénin BJ-IFU-5200081145006 6 BJ-IFU-5200081145006 BJ-IFU-6201000068802 BJ-IFU-6201000370801 BJ-IFU-6201100034408 BJ-IFU-6201101182902 BJ-IFU-6201300688700
Commune de Toviklin - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901945503 6 BJ-IFU-6200901944209 BJ-IFU-6200901944805 BJ-IFU-6200901945503 BJ-IFU-6201001076902 BJ-IFU-6201001843703 BJ-IFU-6201200579608
Commune de Zè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200801257400 7 BJ-IFU-5200081145006 BJ-IFU-6200801257400 BJ-IFU-6201000068802 BJ-IFU-6201000370801 BJ-IFU-6201100034408 BJ-IFU-6201101182902 BJ-IFU-6201300688700
Conciliation Resources GB-CHC-1055436 2 GB-CHC-1055436 null
Corus International US-EIN-843236198 1 US-EIN-84-3236198
DefendDefenders UG-NGO-1406 1 UG-NGB-5541
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP IN-MCA-AAE-8458 1 IN-MCA-IN-MCA-AAE-8458
Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Malawi GPAF-IMP-031 2 MW-CNM-21 dm
Development Organisation of the Rural Poor BD-NAB-0682 1 BD-NAB-682
DKT - (Pakistan) PK-SEC-0080655 2 PK-SEC-0080655 XI-IATI-PK-SEC-0080655
DKT Ethiopia ET-CSA-0062 1 ET-CSA-8744
DKT International US-EIN-58-1593137 1 XI-IATI-US-EIN-58-1593137
Education Development Trust KE-RCO-270901 2 KE-KROS-270901 KE-RCO-270901
Edukans Foundation NL-KVK-32092131 0
Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) ET-MOT-020/4/007 2 ET-MOT-020/4/007 ET-MOT-0204007
Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Assocation et-CSA-0444 1 ET-CSA-0444
FMO NL-KVK-27078545 0
Fondation Hirondelle CH-FDJP-CHE109947366 1 CH-FDJP-f7f0b51e-7432-4c0c-a6c0-7df1101d7983
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) XM-DAC-41301 0
Forever Sabah MY-SSM-1172311D 0
Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit GmbH (IZA) DE-CR-RA000220-HRB7745 1 DE-CR-7745
France - Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs FR-6 2 FR-6 FR-SIREN-110-006-012
Fundación Fondo Mujeres del Sur AR-CENOC-16969-A 2 AR-CENOC-16969-A XI-IATI-359A08
Fundación Oriéntame CO-RUE-860049972 2 CO-CCB-CO-RUE-860049972 CO-RUE-860049972
Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines GB-CH-05393391 1 GB-COH-05393391
Global Impact Investing Network US-EIN-27-3166994 1 US-EIN-273166994
Global Partnership for Education XM-DAC-47501 0
Global Water Partnership XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000002938 1 XI-IATI-XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000002938
GoodWeave International US-EIN-522042014 1 US-EIN-52-2042014
Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration RW-RRA-103197639 1 XI-PB-0000
Gulu University XI-GRID-grid.442626.0 1 XI-IATI-XI-GRID-grid.442626.0
Handicap International UK GB-CHC-1082565 3 FR-PDR-W691075333 GB-CHC-1082565 XI-IATI-W691075333
Heartland Alliance International US-EIN-30-0739799 1 US-EIN-US-EIN-300739799
Hilfswerk Austria Zimbabwe XI-IATI-035026724 2 AT-LPD-035026724 XI-IATI-035026724
ICF Consulting Services Ltd GB-COH-04161656 2 GB-CH-4161656 GB-COH-04161656
IDinsight US-EIN-27-4933181 1 US-EIN-27-49-33181
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine GB-COH-04465125 1 GB-HESA-GB-COH-04465125
Iniciativa Climatica de Mexico MX-RFC-ICM160118IZ1 1 XI-IATI-MX-RFC-ICM160118IZ1
Inter-American Development Bank XI-IATI-IADB 2 IADB XI-IATI-IADB
InterAction's NGO Aid Map US-EIN-13-3287064NAM 0
International Alert GB-COH-2153193 2 GB-COH-2153193 GB-COH-21531930
International Finance Corporation XM-DAC-903 0
International Food Policy Research Institute XI-GRID-grid.419346.d 2 XI-GRID-grid.419346.d XI-IATI-XI-GRID-grid.419346.d
International Media Support dk-cvr-26487013 1 DK-CVR-26487013
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) XM-DAC-47064 2 XI-PB-402 XM-DAC-47064
International Planned Parenthood Federation GB-CHC-229476 2 GB-CHC-21023 GB-CHC-229476
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources XM-DAC-30011 2 RW-MINAFFET-0766/09.06/32/16 XM-DAC-30011
Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care TZ-TRA-102316134 2 TZ-TRA-102-316-134 TZ-TRA-www.idydc.or.tz
Justice For All Prison Fellowship Ethiopia ET-CSA-1327 1 XI-IATI-ET-CSA-1327
Kadaster International NL-KVK-08215619-201210000 2 NL-KVK-08215619-201210000 null
Kathmandu Medical College Public Limited NP-CRO-1158-065-066 1 NP-CRO-NP-CRO-1158-065-066
Kemitraan Bagi Pembaruan Tata Pemerintahan ID-KHH-6014052331100057 1 ID-KHH-ID-KHH-6014052331100057
King Hussein Foundation XI-IATI-KHF 1 XI-IATI-law22.1999
King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre XM-OCHA-HPC6770 2 XM-OCHA-HPC6770 XM-OCHAS-HPC6770
Kyiv School of Economics and Management UA-EDR-37199602 1 XI-IATI-UA-EDR-37199602
Land Equity International AU-ABN-42097054165 1 AU-ABN-097054165
Lithuania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs XM-DAC-84 0
LIWA programme trust KE-KRA-P051542095J 1 KE-KRA-p051542095j
Maastricht School of Management NL-KVK-41145371 2 NL-KVK-41145371 XI-IATI-NL-KVK-41145371
Magariro MZ-MOJ-F2G1No4 0
Makerere University School of Public Health XI-GRID-grid.11194.3c 1 XI-GRID-XI-GRID-11194.3c-999856601
MAMTA - Health Institute for Mother and Child IN- 1 mam_in
Medical Research Centre (MRC), Sierra Leone SL-NRA-1001562-8 1 SL-NRA-1001562-8
Mercy-USA for Aid and Development US-EIN-38-2846307 1 US-EIN-382846307
Micaia Foundation MZ-MOJ100094525 1 MZ-MOJ-100094525
Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic XM-DAC-69-1 10 XM-DAC-69-0 XM-DAC-69-1 XM-DAC-69-18 XM-DAC-69-2 XM-DAC-69-3 XM-DAC-69-30 XM-DAC-69-4 XM-DAC-69-5 XM-DAC-69-50 XM-DAC-69-99
Mondiaal FNV NL-KvK-41177601 1 NL-KVK-41177601
Muslim Aid GB-CHC-295224 2 GB-CHC-1176462 GB-CHC-295224
New Zealand - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - New Zealand Aid Programme NZ-1 2 NZ-1 XI-IATI-NZ-1
NIRAS A/S DK-CVR-37295728 2 DK-CVR-73432219 DK-CVR-DK-CVR-37295728
Nonviolent Peaceforce South Sudan SS-RRC-004 3 SS-RRC-004 SS-RRC-SS-RRC-004 XI-IATI-CHE-442.839.246
Northern Ireland Cooperation Overseas Ltd GB-GOR-OT1175 1 GB-GOR-GB-GOR-OT1175
Okapi Consulting ZA-CIP-2005-028883-23 1 XI-IATI-ZA-CIP-2005-028883-23
Omidyar Network Fund Inc. US-EIN-20-1173866 0
openmindedly IM-CR-024714B 2 IM-CR-024714B
Oxfam India IN-MCA-U74999DL2004NPL131340 2 IN-MCA-U74999DL2004NPL131340 oxfam_india
Oxfam Intermón ES-CIF-G-8236803 2 ES-CIF-G-8236803 ES-RMC-G-8236803
Oxford Policy Management GB-COH-03122495 2 GB-COH-03122495 GB-COH-3122495
Pact US-EIN-13-2702768 2 US-EIN-13-2702768 US-EIN-US-EIN-13-2702768
Palladium International Ltd (UK) GB-COH-2394229 2 GB-COH-02394229 GB-COH-2394229
Pastoralist Girls Initiative KE-NCB-KENCBOP218051200802235390 1 KE-NCB-KE-NCB-KENCBOP218051200802235390
Peace Direct GB-CHC-1123241 1 GB-COH-1123241
PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) GB-CHC-1126550 2 GB-CHC-1126550 null
Population Service International 21032 1 XI-IATI-21032
Progressio (closed) GB-CHC-294329 2 GB-CHC-294329 null
Prospero Limited ZM-PCR-12015013762 0
RAIN Foundation (former) NL-KVK-34200988 (deprecated) 2 NL-KVK-34200988 NL-KVK-41208024
Responsible Mining Foundation CH-FDJP-CHE232974628 1 CH-FDJP-CHE23974628
Romania Ministry of Foreign Affairs XM-DAC-77 0
Savana Signatures GH-DSW-4711 1 GH-DSW-4711
Scotland's International Development Alliance GB-SC-SC035314 2 GB-SC-035314 GB-SC-SC035314
Search for Common Ground (SFCG) BE-BCE_KBO-0453975341 3 BE-BCE_KBO-0453475391 BE-BCE_KBO-0453975341 BE-GTCF-0453475391
Send a Cow Ethiopia ET-CSA-0638 1 ET-MOT-0638
Send a Cow Uganda SACU 1 sacu
Sense International GB-CHC-1076497 2 GB-CHC-1076497 null
Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Africa Trust ZA-CIP-M2005001486 2 ZA-CIP-2005/001486/08 ZA-CIP-M2005001486
Shtrii Shakti NP-SWC-00589 0
Social Fund for Development, Yemen XM-OCHA-FTS18563 2 XM-OCHA-FTS18563 YE-SFD
Société Nationale des eaux du Bénin (SONEB) BJ-IFU-3200700033415 1 BJ-IFU-32000700033415
Solidarites International FR-RCS-389515180 1 FR-INSEE-389515180
South Asian Women Development Forum NP-SWC-37725 1 NP-CRO-601371123
Spain - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation ES-DIR3-E04585801 0
Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) ES-DIR3-EA0035768 3 ES-DIR3-EA0035768 ES-DIR3-EA0045628 XM-DAC-50-21
Stichting Aflatoun International NL-KVK-34229026 0
Stromme Foundation XI-IATI-5914-1107 2 UG-NGB-5914-1107 XI-IATI-5914-1107
Switzerland - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) CH-4 3 CH-4 XM-DAC-CH-4 CH-4
Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) US-EIN-81-3014704 1 XI-IATI-US-EIN-81-3014704
Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression FR-RCS-83764263600018 1 FR-INSEE-83764263600018
The Asia Foundation US-EIN-941191246 3 US-AGO-941191246 US-EIN-941191246 null
The Commonwealth Secretariat XI-IATI-CWSEC 0
The National Association of Municipalities of Benin (ANCB) BJ-IFU-6201408024805 4 BJ-IFU-4201710012551 BJ-IFU-6201408024805 NL-KVK-27327087 NL-KVK-41150939
The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) XI-IATI-OFID 0
transforma CO-CCB-S0052181 1 XI-IATI-901057447-2
Transparency International Bangladesh BD-NAB-1301 2 1301 BD-NAB-1301
Twaweza TZ-BRE-63966 2 TZ-BRE-63966 TZ-BRLA-63966
UK - Department for Work and Pensions GB-9 2 GB-GOV-9 GB-GOVUK-9
UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office GB-GOV-1 2 GB-GOV-1 GB-GOV-3
UK - Medical Research Council GB-COH-RC000346 0
UK - Scottish Government GB-GOV-21 0
Universidad de los Andes XI-GRID-grid.7247.6 1 XI-PID-860007386
University of Leeds GB-COH-RC000658 1 GB-COH-RC000658
University of York GB-COH-RC000679 1 GB-REV-GB647205541
University Putra Malaysia XI-GRID-grid.11142.37 1 XI-GRID-XI-GRID-grid.11142.37
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights US-EIN-03-0419743 1 US-EIN-03-041973
Village Enterprise US-EIN-22-2852248 2 US-EIN-22-2852248 US-EIN-222852248
War Child UK GB-CHC-1071659 2 GB-CHC-1071659 null
Women's Action Group ZW-ROD-MA988/87 1 ZW-ROD-MA988-87
Women's International Peace Centre UG-NGO-2292 1 UG-NGB-2292
Women's Refugee Commission US-EIN-463668128 2 US-EIN-46-3668128 US-EIN-463668128
World Economic Forum US-EIN-203908371 2 CH-FDJP-107.856.445 US-EIN-20-3908371
World Economic Forum Geneva CH-FDJP-66004229946 1 XI-PB-CH-6600422994-6
World Education Inc. US-EIN-13-1804349 1 US-EIN-131-804-349
World Vision Germany DE-CR-RA000209-VR1207 2 DE-CR-RA000209-VR1207 US-EIN-95-3202116
World Vision UK GB-CHC-285908 2 GB-CHC-285908 null
World Young Women's Christian Association CH-660-0294975-4 1 CH-RDC-CHE-106.756.410.
WWF-UK GB-CHC-1081247 3 GB-CHC-1081247 GB-COH-1081247 GB-COH-4016725
Young Innovations Pvt. Ltd NP-CRO-45995/063/064 1 NP-CRO-45995-063-064
Young Women's Christian Association of Kenya KE-NCB-218-051-9263-33 1 KE-NCB-OP.218/051/9263/33