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On the Registry paradigm
Reporting Org on Registry NG-CAC-30547
Reporting Org(s) in Data
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Total File Size 150 Bytes
Activities 0
Unique Activities 0
Organisations 0
Versions 2.03
Licenses cc-by
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The below figures are calculated based on the data contained within the <budget> element for each reported activity. Original and revised elements are based on the value declared in the budget/@type attribute. Where budgets fall across two calendar years, the month of the <period-end> date is used to determine annual groupings, with budgets for periods ending January-June added to the previous calendar year.

Year Count (all) Sum (all) Count (Original) Sum (Original) Count (Revised) Sum (Revised)

Exploring Data


Package Activities (J) Organisations (J) File Size (J) Version (J)
paradigm-activities 0 0 150 Bytes 2.03

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